MilkyWan (AS57199) is an associative, experimental network, with the idea of combining ISP, transit and hosting.
MilkyWan is present on the following exchange points with a generally open peering policy (see notes on PeeringDB) :
Exchange point Location AS AS-MACRO IPv4 IPv6 Speed
LyonIX SFR NetCenter Venissieux AS57199 AS-MILKYWAN 2001:7f8:47:47::84 10G
Rezopole Paris Paris Telehouse 2 AS57199 AS-MILKYWAN 2001:7f8:47:47::85 10G
LillIX CIV Alternative Datacenter AS57199 AS-MILKYWAN 2001:7f8:6d::5:7199:1 10G
Breizh-IX Cogent Rennes AS57199 AS-MILKYWAN 2001:7f8:b1::17 1G